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Since 1999 William Parry has been specializing in Criminal Defense and all manner of Felonies and Misdemeanors, fighting for and protecting the rights of the accused all over California, including Kings County, Fresno County, Tulare County, Kern County, Madera County, Merced County, San Luis Obispo County, San Benito County, and many others.

DUI: Getting a DUI doesn't have to be as scary and expensive as you've heard. William Parry has successfully litigated hundreds of DUIs all over the State and can help you fight for your rights, and guide you through this difficult process. Public Defenders do not help you at all with the DMV process, but William Parry will.  Call him today.

Suspended Drivers License: Without your license how can you get to work? Pick up your kids? Get a job? William Parry has helped hundreds of clients get their license back, and guided them through the confusing and frustrating laws of the DMV.  Vehicle Code section 14601 is a nasty misdemeanor charge, but don't despair. William can help you.

Expungements: Do you have a conviction on your record that is making it hard to get that job you want? Or do you just want to erase that mistake from your past? Pursuant to Penal Code section 1203.4 you are entitled to get your case Dismissed from your record. It is well worth while to clean up your record.  Call William Parry to get started on this motion for you, so you can get that better job and take pride in your clean record.

Guns, Firearms, Weapons charges: California laws are very tough and unforgiving when the crime alleged includes a gun or weapon.  William Parry brings nearly 20 years of expertise to fighting these tough enhancements and will work hard for you to keep you free.

Domestic Violence: Tragic events don't have to have even more tragic endings. Sadly, all too often false or exaggerated allegations are made during an emotional time, and you need a good lawyer to help you clean up the mess in a clear, professional manner, and help you get your life back on track. William Parry Law can help.

Gang cases: Too often “Gang Enhancement” charges are brought against young persons who are not even in a Gang. The Gang laws are tough, and carry much prison time, but William Parry has the experience to find the holes in these overly broad allegations and fight the case.

Rape and Sexual Crimes: Nothing is worse than being falsely accused. If you feel you or a loved one needs legal help to defend against a charge of Rape, or Molestation, or Statutory Rape, call William Parry.  Most of these crimes carry a penalty of lifetime sexual registration under Penal Code section 290, in addition to the possibility of many years in prison.  William has defended many people accused of all manner of Sex Crimes and he is here and ready to defend you, too.

Theft crimes: From petty theft, to felony burglary under Penal Code 459, theft crimes can taint your record and make it very difficult to get or keep a good job. Don't let it get that far.  Call William Parry today to help you fight this and keep your record clean.

Robbery: Robbery is a serious, strike felony. But it is also an allegation that is often over-charged, and used when the facts would only warrant a much lesser charge. There a ways to fight this serious crime. Hire the right lawyer.

Elder Abuse: So often people with the best intentions in trying to care for a loved one, can wind up getting charged with this serious felony accusation.  These cases are complex but can be fought and won with diligence and attention to detail.  Call William Parry for a Free Consultation today.

Fraud / Welfare Fraud / Embezzlement: These cases can be complex, with a large paper trail.  You need an attorney with experience and attention to detail to assist you.  You don't want this on your record, as finding jobs thereafter will be very tough.  William Parry has lots of litigation experience in these cases and is ready to help you.

Juvenile cases: Nothing is more important to us than our kids.  When they are accused of a crime, guilty or not, they deserve a tough, compassionate attorney who knows the system and can zealously advocate for their rights.  Don't let their future be ruined by a youthful mistake.  Contact William Parry today.

Restraining Orders: Many times the person being ‘restrained' does not even want or need the restraining order. Although issued with good intentions, some Restraining Orders can split apart and tear up families unnecessarily. It can also be frustrating when you feel you really need a Restraining Order for you or a loved one, and the system won't help you.  William Parry can help you, either way. Give him a call.

Traffic offenses: Don't blow off that ticket!  If you have a traffic infraction that goes unpaid or unattended it will go to collections and the fines will skyrocket and your Drivers License will be suspended.  Fines are rising every day, it is worth it to hire William Parry at a reasonable fee to make sure you get a dismissal, or at least a much lower fine. Protect your license and your wallet.  Hire William Parry.

Battery, Assault: There are often many possible defenses to these serious allegations such as self-defense, or defense of others, among others. Often times, there are prosecutorial problems in even properly identifying the parties who were actually involved. Don't settle.  Let William Parry defend you.


William offers Free Consultations to all his clients, and is available to meet in person, at his office, at your home, or on the phone, depending on your needs. He can visit a loved one in jail, as well. He is immediately responsive and there for you whenever you need. Call him now so he can get started helping you 559-904-7530.


At William Parry Law there are no ‘cookie cutter’ clients, fees, or cases. Every case is different, and every client’s needs are different. William will give each case and person the individualized attention and care needed to achieve the best possible result. Don’t settle for impersonal, big firms that just want your paycheck. Call William Parry Law. He can help you now.