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Diligent, Professional, and Compassionate

If you are looking for an intelligent, professional and compassionate attorney who will get you the best possible outcome on your case, look no further. Attorney Parry was patient, empathetic and sensitive to my needs and concerns throughout the process. I truly appreciated his comfort and confidence in times of stress and anxiety. Mr. Parry's concern for my case as a whole and his dedication and hard work, resulted in my case being DISMISSED and all charges dropped. I am very pleased with Mr. Parry.


William offers Free Consultations to all his clients, and is available to meet in person, at his office, at your home, or on the phone, depending on your needs. He can visit a loved one in jail, as well. He is immediately responsive and there for you whenever you need. Call him now so he can get started helping you 559-904-7530.


At William Parry Law there are no ‘cookie cutter’ clients, fees, or cases. Every case is different, and every client’s needs are different. William will give each case and person the individualized attention and care needed to achieve the best possible result. Don’t settle for impersonal, big firms that just want your paycheck. Call William Parry Law. He can help you now.